Why choose Formery?

If you're looking for a reason to buy something meaningful, and haven't quite made your mind up yet, read our top 7 reasons to buy. From supporting local artists, to the deep connection our pieces have to Aotearoa.

1. Handcrafted with love

Our artists work with their hands, carefully considering, designing, and shaping jewellery in a faithfully, exacting and individual way. Through their designs, they seek to draw the natural beauty out from the forms they are creating with purpose and meaning so that people will enjoy them for a lifetime. When you buy a piece, you are buying the end result of craftsmanship centred around love and seeking beauty. These are not machine-made. They are made by hand, with time and care.

Our pieces come with a fold-out artist profile card, to learn more about the hands that crafted your piece.

Handmade New Zealand jewelleryHandmade New Zealand jewellery
Handmade NZ JewelleryHandmade NZ Jewellery

2. Supporting Local New Zealand Jewellers

Designed proudly in Aotearoa, each piece of jewellery is handmade by wonderfully passionate New Zealand artists. Through curated collections and local, sustainably-crafted design, we’re shining a light on our homegrown artists and the place we call home. When you buy from Formery, you are supporting local NZ jewellers, based here in Aotearoa. It’s our mission.

Local New Zealand Jewellery ArtistsLocal New Zealand Jewellery Artists
Supporting Local NZ ArtistsSupporting Local NZ Artists

3. A connection to Aotearoa. Home.

Whether you were born here, or have some other connection to this beautiful country, wearing a piece of jewellery inspired by this land is something special. Formery’s mission is to create a destination for jewellery lovers where they can discover collections that celebrate New Zealand’s design, culture and heritage. We love working with artists who have a deep understanding of what this connection is. When you buy a piece from Formery, know it will be imbued with this land to its very core.

New Zealand Jewellery. Connection to NZ.New Zealand Jewellery. Connection to NZ.
Connecting to NZ - Jewellery DesignsConnecting to NZ - Jewellery Designs

4. Forever connected with a loved one

When you chose to gift jewellery to a loved one, you are making more than a purchasing choice. You are connecting with someone in a way that will unite you, each time that piece is adorned. An unspoken connection brought about by one person's eye for the gift, with the wearer in mind. We recognise that there is a duty for us to be very particular about the pieces we chose - for this very reason - so it is received with abundant joy and cherished forever, meaning you are close to that person always.

NZ Jewellery for herNZ Jewellery for her
Meaningful Jewellery IdeasMeaningful Jewellery Ideas

5. Sustainable packaging

We will ship your piece to you in an oatmeal jewellery box, placed inside a low-ink recyclable card shipping box. This shipping box is firmly held closed by our branded 100% Recycled FSC Formery tape. We use our own branded tissue paper to provide a nest for your jewellery box, inside the box. If we need to use anything else to hold the piece firmly, this will only be recycled and recyclable paper. Your piece will come with a mini artist profile card. Finally, we place everything in a home compostable plastic-free mailer made from plants.

NZ jewellery packagingNZ jewellery packaging
NZ jewellery packagingNZ jewellery packaging

6. Premium gift wrapping service

We offer a premium gift wrapping service available on all orders. We understand that when you gift something so special, it may be important to you that the person receiving it has the full gift experience. Your gift will be sent wrapped in premium kraft wrap with jute ribbon, and a personal handwritten message of your choice.

NZ Jewellery Gift WrappingNZ Jewellery Gift Wrapping
NZ Jewellery Gift WrappingNZ Jewellery Gift Wrapping

7. Ways of paying, that make life easier

We recognise that there are other ways than just paying for your dream piece, upfront. If you are in New Zealand you can select from ZIP Pay or Afterpay to spread four payments over six weeks. We will still send your item to you, straight away. We also offer free shipping in NZ and wherever you are in the world we subside postage meaning you never need to pay more than $14.95 for standard shipping.

NZ Jewellery - Pay in 4 paymentsNZ Jewellery - Pay in 4 payments
Handmade NZ Jewellery - We ship worldwideHandmade NZ Jewellery - We ship worldwide

Our Artists

New Zealand jewellery designer, Winter in JulyNew Zealand jewellery designer, Winter in July
New Zealand jewellery designer, Jewel BeetleNew Zealand jewellery designer, Jewel Beetle
New Zealand jewellery designer, Lily GriffinNew Zealand jewellery designer, Lily Griffin
New Zealand jewellery designer, Kiri SchumacherNew Zealand jewellery designer, Kiri Schumacher
New Zealand jewellery designer, Tania MallowNew Zealand jewellery designer, Tania Mallow
New Zealand jewellery designer, Hannah SheehanNew Zealand jewellery designer, Hannah Sheehan