Jewellery Care

With a little bit of love and care it’s easy to maintain the beauty of your jewellery so you can enjoy it for a lifetime. Here are our tips for wearing, storing, and cleaning your jewellery.


We can understand why you’d want to wear your jewellery all day, every day. But we regularly encounter chemicals in our home life, beauty routines and during exercise that can damage or tarnish your jewellery.

Jewellery Care | Wearing your jewelleryJewellery Care | Wearing your jewellery

At home

Cooking, cleaning, gardening, and showering are all everyday activities that bring you into contact with chemicals which can tarnish and damage your jewellery. Specifically, you should keep your jewellery away from vinegars, lemons, and other acidic foods, as well as cooking greases and household cleaners. Simply take off your jewellery before beginning any of these activities.


Makeup, hairsprays, perfumes, creams, and sunscreen lotions can also tarnish, damage and discolour your jewellery, so make sure to apply your cosmetics and then let them dry before putting on your jewellery.


Remove your jewellery before swimming in chlorinated pools, hot pools, natural springs, or the ocean to avoid tarnishing. You should also remove your jewellery before exercising and sleeping, as your natural body oils can also cause tarnishing.


Many of our pieces are dainty and delicate so it’s important to keep your jewellery stored safely. When you buy with us, your jewellery will arrive in an oatmeal padded jewellery box which can be used to safely store your jewellery at home and to protect it from damage when you travel. We recommend only storing one piece of jewellery in this box, to prevent scratching with other items.

Jewellery Care | Storing your jewelleryJewellery Care | Storing your jewellery

For an extra layer of protection, you can also pop your jewellery box in a zip-lock bag to avoid exposure to the air and environment which can cause tarnishing.

We advise keeping your jewellery away from direct sunlight, bright household lights, moist places such as the bathroom, and hot places such as near heaters or on windowsills.


Jewellery will naturally age and tarnish over time, and many people love the character this adds. However, if you want to keep your jewellery looking new for longer, we recommend regular cleaning using some of the following gentle techniques.

Which ever technique you use, always remember to dry your jewellery thoroughly and avoid vigorous rubbing.

Jewellery Care | Cleaning your jewelleryJewellery Care | Cleaning your jewellery

For light cleaning

Wash your jewellery with a wet cloth and a mild, detergent free soap, then rinse in clean water and dry. Or use a soft polishing cloth.

For tarnished silver

Use silver dip, rinse in clean water and dry, and follow with a soft polishing cloth.

For any Lily Griffin hand-painted jewellery, do not leave items in silver dip for longer than 10-seconds, then rinse in clean water and dry. Avoid using polishing cloths on painted areas.

For gold-plated or gold filled

Only clean with a wet cloth and a mild, detergent free soap, then rinse in clean water and dry.

For gemstones

Soak in warm water and a mild, detergent free soap for several minutes, brush gently with an old toothbrush, then rinse in clean water and dry.

Here to help

Remember, we’re always here to help when it comes to loving and caring for your jewellery as we want it to stay as beautiful as the day you received it.

Just send us a message if you have any questions.